1-The IAA-New Generations Award is open to any living visual artist with works produced in the last five (5) years, without limitation on age, gender, country of origin/residence, sex, race, or religion.

2-The only criteria considered by the jury is artistic merit.

3-Work/s submitted to the IAA-New Generations Award are in one or more of the following categories: drawing, painting, sculpture, video, photography, mixed media, textile, and ceramics. 

4-No specific topic or theme is required. Artists are free to submit any works they consider the best in their portfolio. The artist must have completed the artwork in the last five (5) years, and they must submit original artwork. Work will be judged based on skill, composition, originality, and impact―no matter their dimensions, volume, and weight.

5-The submitting artist must have full rights to the submitted work/s and be the original author/artist. If the work is found not to be original, neither the IAA-New Generations Award, its partners, founders, or affiliates bear any responsibility or liability for copyright infringement. The work/s in question will also be disqualified and immediately removed from our websites.

6-To participate, artists must complete an online application form on The International Art Award website and pay an application fee for the IAA-New Generations Award/Edition 2023. There will be an application fee due at the time of submission based onthe amount of works registered by the artist. The application fee must be paid online and is not refundable. All artists’ submissions and application fees received after the due date will automatically be entered for the next edition of the award. Artists must include a copy/screenshot of their application fee payment with the application form  at the time of submission. 

7-The call for applications is open yearly to the IAA-New Generations Award, Spring and Winter editions.

8-To maintain equality for all applicants, the application form is standardized. Consequently, documents or information other than those requested in the online application form must not be provided, and they will not be reviewed.

9-Applicants should not send any materials by postal mail such as letters, catalogs, books, or artworks. All submissions must be made online following the appropriate online format and by submitting only the required documents. Other documents will not be accepted. 

10-The members of the jury committee are expert art professionals. They may be independent curators, curators or directors of art museums or foundations, journalists, art critics, art historians, gallery owners, or art collectors. 

11-Once the call for applications is closed, the jury committee will select the most noteworthy artists as Selected Finalists.

12-All Selected Finalist artists, as a recognition of their artistic merit, will receive an Official Certificate of Selection for the IAA-New Generations issued by the jury committee. To provide them with a distinctive international exposure, they will be included in IAA/New Generations/VR International Exhibition. All Selected Finalist artists will also be announced on our website and social media platforms.

13-Additionally the jury committee will grant prizes for the IAA-New Generations Award. The first prize winner will receive, among other things, a cash prize paid without use restrictions.

14-The IAA-New Generations Art award rewards the artist granting one winner per prize. The jury committee grants the first and second prizes. The third prize is awarded by popular vote through online voting during the duration of the exhibition.

15-There are also three Honorable Mentions that the jury will grant. 

16-The first, second, and third Prize Winners in each category will receive , a curatorial critique by a recognized art critic on the winning work, a Winner’s Plaque, and an Award Diploma. The three Honorable Mentions will be receiving a curatorial critique by a recognized art critic on the winning work and an Award Diploma. All winners will also be granted with a permanent representation on our webpage and social media platforms. They will also be included in our yearly Winners Artists E-book published and distributed to museums, art institutions, and art collectors.

17- The jury committee will select artists and notify them via email through an official selection letter. If selected, the participation fee up to  two works is $100. There will be an added fee of $25 per additional artwork accepted  that the artist decides to make a part of the VR  exhibition. The notification email will have instructions for the payment of the participation fee via our direct PayPal. Artist must send a copy/screenshot of their participation fee payment to the IAA-New Generations Award email to confirm their participation. 

18- Selected artists will receive a notification email and be announced on the webpage and social media. 

19-The IAA-New Generations Award reserves the right to use images of works submitted on social media platforms and other marketing and public announcements. The artist agrees to the use of photos of the works for promotion, marketing purposes, and on all media platforms.

20-Any applicant artist who provides untrue information, is not the author of the works presented, paid the entry fee through fraudulent means, or has insulted with a disrespectful attitude any of the other candidates, help center staff, jury, or anyone involved, will be banned from entering the contest for life.

21- The Official Certificate of Selection for the IAA-New Generations Award granted by the jury committee contains a forgery-proof digital signature that makes it unique and authentic. Artists should download it for digital storage or print. Not all applicants will receive The Official Certificate of Selection, only those artists selected by the jury committee.

22- The winners’ names will be announced on the International Art Award website, social media, and in an email to the winners. For our in-person future exhibits, announcements will be made during the last day of the show.

23-The applicants, Art Current LLC, and its subcontractors (referred to collectively as “the Parties”) will not be liable for nonperformance of their obligations if a case of force majeure occurs, defined as any unpredictable or unpreventable event arising from circumstances external to the Parties.

24-By participating, the artist acknowledges that they understand these regulations and expressly accept them without reservation.